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Steve Fisser

REALTOR®, Property Manager

Steve has been a licensed real estate agent in Nebraska since 2021. He has a wealth of experience in real estate investment and property management as owner of a property maintenance business in Denver, CO since 2007. He has worked with many of the top property management companies in Denver. He has walked, inspected, repaired and remodeled thousands of rental properties. He has found resolutions to numerous tenant and owner issues. He understands how to communicate well with both owners and tenants and deliver on the motivations of both. He has extensive knowledge of proactive maintenance measures to protect your investment as well as value added upgrades. He is passionate about providing great homes to tenants, successful investments to owners and an efficient and transparent process for both. He spends all of his spare time with his wife and three girls and loves coaching them in soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball, tennis and chess.


Steve Fisser
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